Singing superstar Whitney Houston dies at 48

cocaine and booze” — claims she adamantly denies.

“Family and friends fear that if she doesn’t get help soon, she’ll die,” warns the tabloid, which features photos of someone who looks like Bobbi Kristina seemingly snorting lines of a powdery substance.

“Krissi [her nickname] is addicted to cocaine,” alleges an unnamed former boyfriend, who gave the snaps (supposedly taken at an Atlanta-area house party) and the story to the tab. “I’ve tried to stop her, but all she said was, ‘I’m just like my mother!’”

Says the source, who contends that Bobbi Kristina also enjoys Budweiser and grain alcohol, “Whitney needs to see what her daughter is doing to herself.”

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But Bobbi Kristina, who posed with her mother last month at Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy party (left), took to her Twitter to deny the allegations, insisting a vengeful ex has framed her.

“The pictures — a former very dear person to me did this,” she tweeted on Wednesday. “Set me up to make it look exactly what it looks like. God will smite them yes. But it’s really not what it looks like. People will do anything for money which is extremely sad, and I’m very hurt by this.”

Calling it “a horrible relationship that went sour,” Bobbi Kristina says she was “in love [but] he was in love with money. I’ve learned my lesson. … Things people do these days to hurt others is a shame. All I can do now, is keep my head up high, keep looking towards the lord.”

She also takes issue with insinuations that her mom’s well-known crack record might have negatively influenced her. Whitney is an “incredibly phenomenal mother,” gushes Bobbi Kristina. “My mom just comforted me to the max, and I’m so thankful for her.”

And she predicts that karma will take care of her ex: “He’ll get what he deserves, which is hell.”

Bobbi Kristina has had her share of tabloid troubles through the years (and we don’t just mean being made to participate in “Being Bobby Brown”).

In 2008, the Enquirer claimed that shortly before her 15th birthday, she made a suicide bid after attempting to stab Whitney during an argument.

In December, the tab alleged that Whitney and Bobby, who divorced in 2002 after 15 years of epically dysfunctional marriage, had staged an intervention for their daughter after pics of her partying were leaked. They denied any such event had taken place.

In a candid 2009 interview, Houston told Oprah that she’s been open with Bobbi Kristina about her own struggles with substance abuse, and even took her to a mother-daughter rehab center.

Said Whitney, “I didn’t lie to her.”

During that same sit-down, Bobbi Kristina revealed she wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a singer: “I know she hates it, but it’s the plan. It’s my plan. Mine. Yeah.”

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  1. Dayana says:

    Have you considered suniarmzimg it all, making it all sound a bit more punchy and “mainstream” and sending it on to the press? Maybe even tie it in with humphreycushion’s story to show a pattern of abusive behaviour. MP smears disabled constituent, lies at hustings, etc. With all this affair stuff still fresh in peoples mind, even the Mail might be willing to run with it. Now, I’m off to rip out my tongue and clean it with bleach for suggesting it. :)