Robbie Reveals His Hidden Muscles

ROBBIE Williams has been hiding some rock-hard pecs from us for quite some time it would seem.

The Take That crooner has taken to Twitter to show fans exactly what he’s been up to in LA while he waits for wife Ayda Field to give birth – and it doesn’t involve furniture flatpacks.
Robbie Williams has revealed his impressive physique in a new photo and it seems he’s been working out in the gym while he prepares for fatherhoo
In the pic, Robbie flexes his pecs for the benefit of his fans, as he shows off all his tattoos across his jaw-dropping six-pack.
Judging by his grin, he’s quite pleased with himself for looking so trim – quite rightly too, seeing as most blokes would give their right arm for a bod like this.
We’re sure Robbie Williams has managed to fit in a number of soon-to-be dad duties in between hard time at the gym, as his wife Ayda is due to give birth any day.
He chose to miss out on Take That’s performance at the Olympics closing ceremony thanks to impending fatherhood, refusing to leave Ayda’s side now that she’s due.

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