And The Winners Are….Ashleigh and Pudsey!

THERE were tense, tense times on our tellyboxes tonight!

Britain’s Got Talent 2012 was won by Ashleigh and her dog Pudsey, after an AMAZING Mission Impossible-style performance.
David Walliams said: “The nation has fallen in love with not just Pudsey, but you too. I think you are the ones to best tonight.”
“David’s right, you’re the ones to beat,” Alesha Dixon added.
And the pair couldn’t have been more spot on, as the brunette and her pet dog were crowned winners of the 2012 show.
Amanda Holden announced that Simon Cowell told her he would dance with Pudsey ‘if the dog won’, it totes didn’t happen. We are so disappointed.
But also putting on an extremely impressive performance were Jonathan and Charlotte, who Alesha said looked seriously dapper.
Their epic performance earned them a standing ovation from the crowd and all of the judges.
Our fav moment of the night, though, had to be when Pudsey yawned as Amanda Holden gave the pair feedback. Seriously, HILARE, he obvs wasn’t really on it.
The show was also full of lots of expected emosh moments, with the adorable Ryan O welling up as he described how much the show meant to him.
Kylie Minogue showed her support for the young songwriter and tweeted: “#BGTFinal Ryan O….#wannabuythatsong.” (sic) AWW!
Simon Cowell completely stole the show with his seriously on-trend plungling neck-line, ahem, we mean unbuttoned white shirt.
Tonight’s show was amazing!

2 Responses to And The Winners Are….Ashleigh and Pudsey!

  1. Nora says:

    She was so much better than anoyne else on x factor. No one was even close, right from the beginning.. Simon sending her home and then going back to get her was just a big ploy to make drama and get viewers. I think she is the best female voice from x factor, american idol, britains got talent, etc. that I have heard. Not saying she will sell more records, but by far best singer, even if some get hung up on ugly and fat:-) ( aretha franklin, roberta flack, etc,?)

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